East-West Corridor

An opportunity to create a signature mobility corridor within the region

The East-West Corridor presents an opportunity to create a signature mobility corridor within the region, featuring high capacity transit and connecting to other multi-modal options. West Broad Street is highly feasible as a near-term advanced rapid transit line, operating within the existing street right-of-way. Similarly, both East Main Street and East Broad Street offer opportunities to connect east Columbus and the east side jurisdictions: Bexley, Whitehall, and Reynoldsburg. All three corridors currently operate frequent transit service and are COTA’s most popular lines. In COTA’s NextGen plan (2017), all three (West Broad, East Broad and East Main) were identified through the public process as areas needing enhanced service. Variations of these corridors have also been identified in Connect Columbus and the Insight 2050 Corridor Concepts Study (2019).

The first step is identifying a locally preferred alternative through a study of design and alignment options. In the west, along West Broad Street, the study will identify improvements to public infrastructure and COTA’s operations, including transit mode (e.g. vehicle type) and technologies, station locations, street right-of-way design, and termini (end points). In the east, those features will be identified as well as the alignment between East Broad Street and East Main Street. Based on the analysis between East Main Street and East Broad Street, after the locally preferred alternative is selected, the corridor (or sections of either corridor) not identified for high capacity transit may also have recommended transit improvements, such as improved frequency, stops, right-of-way designs, and amenities. Lastly, the alignment and connection point between both East and West Corridors in Downtown Columbus will be identified to create a cohesive East-West Corridor. Aligned efforts to couple land use, jobs and housing opportunities with each of the local jurisdictions along the corridor will ensure each of the regional LinkUS goals are advanced with this project.

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East-West Corridor Planning Commences

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With the launch of the LinkUS Mobility Corridors, COTA, in partnership with MORPC and the City of Columbus, has issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to select a professional planning/engineering…