What is LinkUS?

This is your chance to see — and influence — the blueprints for the future of our region. LinkUS is Central Ohio’s comprehensive transportation and development plan. It’s where safe sidewalks, fast and reliable public transit, protected bike lanes, and expanded trails meet (or as we like to say, “link.”). Explore how we’re investing in smart development to connect communities and create opportunities for a more equitable and sustainable region for everyone.

Creating More Walkable Communities with Sidewalk & Trail Improvements

Transit-supportive infrastructure (TSI), which is another way to describe sidewalks, is key to building communities where driving is optional. We’re talking about everything in between your door and getting on the bus — that includes sidewalks, bike lanes, trails and crosswalks.

We’re making historic investments in sidewalks, bike lanes, trails and crosswalks to expand transit access and connections for everyone across the region, making it safer, easier and more convenient to get around.

Funding Sidewalks, Bike Lanes & Trails
Our investment will build new — and improve existing — sidewalks, trails, bike lanes, roadways and marked crossings. And we’re paying close attention to how that funding is distributed with the help of MORPC, who has helped identify over 100 improvements alongside the community.

  • 330+ TSI projects under consideration
  • 130+ identified as local priorities
  • 360+ miles of trails, sidewalks, bike paths

What’s Next? In 2024, MORPC Committees will:

  • Finalize program policies
  • Develop budgets for identified projects
  • Communicate project priorities
  • Collaborate to get priority projects “grant-ready” and maintain pipeline of projects

A Faster, More Efficient Mass Transit Option: Bus Rapid Transit

Benefits of COTA’s Rapid Transit

COTA’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) will not be your standard bus service. BRT combines the capacity and speed of a metro with the flexibility and affordability of a bus system. This premium transit solution includes:

  • Increased capacity, zero-emission vehicles
  • Level-and multi-door boarding
  • Off-board fare collection
  • Signal priority and intersection control
  • Dedicated transit lanes
  • Improved stations with amenities

Learn more about COTA’s BRT and how it will be implemented.

Connecting Communities Through Equitable Transit-Oriented Development

Equitable Transit-Oriented Development
Equitable Transit-Oriented Development (ETOD) is development around transit hubs and stations that enables people from all walks of life to experience the benefits of mass transit. The benefits include:

  • Affordable housing
  • Increased access to jobs
  • Community growth along transit lines

Our Sponsors

LinkUS is a collaborative initiative co-sponsored by the City of Columbus, Central Ohio Transit Authority, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission and the Franklin County Board of Commissioners.