West Broad Street is one of the most used corridors in Central Ohio, connecting key destinations, neighborhoods and job centers for pedestrians, cyclists and more.

The West Broad Street BRT corridor spans 9.3 miles from Rockbrook Crossing in Prairie Township to Washington Avenue in downtown Columbus and includes the integration of bike lanes, sidewalks and new community amenities aimed at improving regional connectivity and accessibility, increasing the walkability of the surrounding area.

Investing in West Broad Street will create more ways to walk, ride and roll and increase access to jobs, businesses, schools and healthcare for all members of the community, including seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, students and working families, making Central Ohio a more affordable and equitable community.

With 3.14 million new residents expected in our region by 2050, now is the time to reimagine how to sustainably and equitably move more people faster, safer and smarter.

It’s part of a multi-corridor vision to link us all together.

Neighborhoods accessible by the West Broad BRT project would include:

  • Prairie Township
  • Franklin Township
  • Westland
  • Downtown Columbus
  • Hilltop
  • Franklinton

The West Broad BRT project would also increase access to key community resources, many within walking distance of the corridor, including:

  • Seven grocery stores
  • Twelve pharmacies
  • Nine K-12 schools
  • Twenty daycare facilities
  • Four hospitals
  • Six addiction treatment facilities

Community Inspired Station Designs

After meeting with residents in April-June 2022, our project team released the first station design concepts in December 2022 to community members who wanted a first look at concepts for transit stations and mobility updates along LinkUS corridors.

Since then, the project team has worked with stakeholders across the City of Columbus, including partner municipalities, to continue to refine and enhance station designs. Check out the current designs.

The number of corridor miles that will operate on a dedicated guideway.
The number of stations planned along the route. The exact placement of these facilities will be coordinated with the local community during the design phase.
The number of jobs that the West Broad Street BRT Corridor can connect people to by 2040.
The percentage of residents on West Broad Street who live in an area of persistent poverty. BRT can help to connect the community to jobs, healthcare, education and other resources.

Experience the Future Through Augmented Reality

Get a glimpse at what’s to come for the West Broad Street Bus Rapid Transit Corridor through augmented reality! Now available at three different COTA stops along the corridor, the LinkUS augmented reality experience allows visitors to scan the adjacent areas and see station enhancements firsthand. Find the stop closest to you on our interactive map.

W Broad St & Westland Mall,
Columbus, OH, 43228, USA

N Westgate Ave & W Broad St,
Columbus, OH, 43204, USA

W Broad St & S Belle St,
Columbus, OH, 43215, USA

Project Timeline & History


In July 2021, the COTA Board of Trustees adopted three Locally Preferred Alternatives (LPAs), voting to move the East Main Street and West Broad Street BRT Corridors into the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Capital Investment Grants (CIG) program process.

Learn more about the West Broad LPA.


The LinkUS public engagement process supports the technical analysis of these projects through stakeholder and public engagement to gather feedback and insight from the community. These community insights were used to help develop a 30% design for the East Main and West Broad Street BRT Corridors.


Our project team met with hundreds of residents to learn more about what enhancements to mobility and transit can look like in central Ohio neighborhoods. From virtual meetings to community festivals and a bike-a-long event, LinkUS reached more than 10,000 residents and businesses to spread the word about the West Broad and East Main Street BRT Corridors. The West Broad Street BRT 30% design was completed in December 2022.


In pursuit of federal funding for the project, in August 2023, COTA submitted the West Broad Street BRT to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for an evaluation and rating. As part of the Capital Investment Grant (CIG), FTA evaluates and rates projects by exploring measures such as land use, mobility improvements, cost effectiveness, environmental benefits, and congestion relief.

This allows FTA to compare bus rapid transit projects across the country and allocate federal dollars to large transit projects. The 60% design continued to advance as well as the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
documentation preparation which began in fall 2023. The project team continued to meet with stakeholders at local tabling events as well as at local meetings across the corridor communities.

2024 & Beyond

The project team anticipates finalizing 60% design and proceeding toward 100% design through 2024. Additional coordination will occur with the FTA including completion of NEPA documentation in 2024 and in pursuit of a Small Starts Grant Agreement in summer 2025. Construction of the West Broad Street BRT is anticipated fall 2025 through fall 2027. More detailed communication will be shared with the public as the project team advances toward construction. The West Broad Street BRT is anticipated to open for revenue service in late 2027/early 2028.

Archived Public Information

We Want to Hear from You!

If your organization would like to have a one-on-one conversation about the West Broad Street BRT Corridor, please let us know at info@linkuscolumbus.com.