What is a Corridor?

“Corridors” are major thoroughfares that run through our region. For example, the area along West Broad Street from Prairie Township to downtown Columbus is a corridor. Through extensive research, we’ve identified which corridors are best suited for a wide range of enhancements, like Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and increased trail connections.

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The first three corridors in progress are the Northwest, East Main and West Broad corridors. Beyond this first batch of corridors, LinkUS also encompasses plans for a number of future corridors to help increase connectivity, affordability and opportunity throughout the entire Central Ohio region. These LinkUS corridors are based on years of intentional research, including:


insight 2050 (2014)

Led by MORPC and in partnership with member communities, ULI Columbus and other agencies, this effort considered various alternative growth patterns for the region. The outcome was a focused growth strategy that aimed to balance and accommodate growth in a cost-effective, efficient and sustainable manner.

NextGen (2017)

COTA undertook the NextGen planning process to consider and evaluate 26 potential transit corridors. These were narrowed down to 14 corridors, which were studied more closely using themes of connectivity, equity, building on current successes and sustainability.

insight2050 Corridor Concepts (2019)

insight2050 Corridor Concepts built on the NextGen work by taking a more detailed look at five specific corridors. The goal was to provide a demonstration of how more transportation choice and strategic development along each corridor could create more efficient and affordable options for working, commuting and living in the region.

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