The corridors represented as part of the LinkUS initiative have been vetted through previous studies, but do not represent the full range of possible corridors

Eight corridors were analyzed through a set of prioritization criteria and metrics from both Insight2050 Corridor Concepts and COTA’s NextGen process. Building on the success of COTA’s first Arterial BRT line (the CMAX), the Northwest Corridor (currently underway through the first phase of implementation analysis), and the East-West Corridors (implementation analysis to commence in summer 2020)this series of projects will form the backbone of the region’s emerging system of advanced rapid transit corridors. Efforts will be advanced on all corridors to set the groundwork for future high capacity transit investments with coordinated housing and jobs opportunities, along with continued service and infrastructure improvements throughout COTA’s broader system. 

LinkUS Corridor Initiatives

Northwest Corridor

Currently underway

North Corridor

Future effort

Northeast Corridor

Future effort

Southeast Corridor

Future effort

Airport-Easton Corridor

Future effort

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