A Plan to Increase COTA Service & Transportation Options Across Central Ohio

Other big cities benefit from a fast mass transportation system. This November, residents will have the chance to bring modern, interconnected transit to Central Ohio. Known as LinkUS, this Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) initiative will create a dedicated funding stream for rapid transit, sidewalks and bikeways to stimulate our economy and accommodate the wave of population growth that is already coming to this region. This will benefit businesses and their employees, providing more and better ways to get to work.

Hear From Business Owner Letha Pugh on LinkUS’ Benefits

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A Modern Transportation System Is a Draw for Current & Future Employees


Commuters will have more travel options, thanks to a 45% increase in COTA service and rapid transit along the region’s busiest corridors. These improvements will increase the frequency and consistency of our current transit system, making it more dependable for business owners and workers alike.


By providing more ways to move, Central Ohio can attract a million new people without adding a million new cars on the road. Containing traffic congestion makes it easier to get to and from businesses, especially during key commuting times.


Research suggests that younger talent — Millennials, Gen Z and beyond — consider easy access to public transit some of the most important criteria for settling in an area. By adding new bikeways, sidewalks and transit options, we can attract and retain the next generation of workers to Central Ohio. These new and improved transit options increase the size of our talent pool.


Similar-sized cities that have implemented mass transit see tremendous economic growth along connected areas. That’s because introducing a faster, more efficient way to get to businesses leads to increased foot traffic and economic prosperity.

Whitehall Mayor Michael T. Bivens Shares How LinkUS Will Benefit His Community

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