East-West Corridor Survey

Tell us what you think!

Thank you for your interest in the sharing your voice about transit along Broad and Main Streets for the East-West Corridor Plan that is being developed. The goal of this survey is to get public feedback. This survey is just one way that we are working to hear neighborhood voices. Please also join us for virtual public meetings from February 16-25. Registration is now open.

Please share any other feedback with us at info@linkuscolumbus.com.

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EW Survey

Let's talk about your neighborhood:

1. What neighborhood(s) do you live and/or work in? (check up to 2)
3. What is your role in the neighborhood(s) you checked above? (check all that apply)
5. How do you typically travel to home or work? (check all that apply)
6. Do you currently have access to a car?
7. What mobility (travel) options below would you like to use, but can't because they aren't available or easy to use in your neighborhood? (check all that apply)
8. Finish this sentence: An upgraded, faster transit option along Broad/Main streets could give me better access to: (check all that apply)
9. Other than a new rapid transit option, what improvements would make traveling through Broad or Main streets safer, easier and more enjoyable? (check up to 3)

Let's talk about transit options being considered:

11. Are you familiar with bus rapid transit (BRT)?
Learn more about BRT and rapid transit features.

BRT vehicles are Wi-Fi-equipped with comfortable seating and other innovative amenities, and stations that also serve as attractive neighborhood focal points. Learn more about BRT and advance rapid transit features and enhancements here.
Photo: IndyGO BRT StationGoodale_to_Bethel_alts

12. What are your top three priorities in rapid transit service and vehicles? (check up to 3)
13. What enhancements would you like to see at rapid transit stations in your neighborhood? (check up to 3)

Let's talk about you:

17. What is your age?
18. Which racial group do you most closely identify with?
19. Are you Hispanic or Latino?
20. What is your gender?
21. Please tell us about your annual household income:
20. Would you like to receive email updates about LinkUS?

Would you like to attend an East-West Corridor virtual public meeting?

Join us for interactive sessions where you can learn more about initial plans to reimagine transit from East to West and share your thoughts and vision for faster, safer travel in Central Ohio.

Register for one of five upcoming public meetings occurring on February 16, 23, and 25.